Recently Funded Transactions

Sample of Recently Funded Transactions:

Money Exchange


    • 02/2016 – $31,000 GMC Dump Truck & Ford Pickup
    • 02/2016 – $50,298 Kenworth W900L & 2 Peerless Log Trailers
    • 02/2016 – $50,000 International Dump Truck
    • 02/2016 – $20,000 Kenworth W900L
    • 02/2016 – $18,370 Ford Backhoe Loader
    • 02/2016 – $72,933 Sale Leaseback
    • 02/2016 – $30,300 Freightliner Truck



January 2016
We are halfway through the month, and it appears our momentum is going strong! We are proud to say that this month has proven our diverse portfolio of accounts, and hope it motivates you to contact us if you’re having a hard time finding somebody that will fund your equipment. From titled to heavy equipment to soft collateral, we do it all! In fact, our lessee that financed Dog Condos this month is a current customer with two other leases, one including additional dog kennels! We are proud to support small businesses in getting the pieces of equipment that are or are not your “typical” transactions.

August and September 2015
This month, instead of choosing one particular transaction we wanted to highlight a great couple of months for small business owners. Leasefund is known for looking passed any negative marks on a credit report, and these months were no exception. We were able to fund over $310,000 of commercial equipment, and a few of those transactions were scored with Tax Liens/Judgements and Previous Bankruptcies included on their credit score. All of which, we were more than happy to work to get these businesses financing. In fact, we specialize in “bank policy exceptions” who the popular financial institutions turn their back on, rather than understanding that these events happen and helping them move forward to get their small businesses succeeding. So, if you find yourself with less-than-stellar credit look no more. Leasefund can help you get the equipment you need, because we know that everybody needs a little help regardless of their credit.

June 30, 2015 Leaseback of $40,000 for Peterbilt 378

Here at Leasefund, we tend to promote a lot of our heavy equipment transactions, leaving out our smaller, more consumer-based deals. For example, a current lessee of ours owns a successful video lottery bar, and after having successful results with our existing lease, decided to open up another location. They came back to us for a second time requesting tables, chairs, stools, a refrigerated keg, food preparation tables, and a stainless steel sink. In fact, we’re currently leasing the sign outside with their company name! Most small business owners don’t even realize that financing their signage and restaurant equipment is an option! Which is why we love offering such a wide variety of transactions, from tractors to trucks to bar equipment! It’s never a dull moment, and we have the ability to gain knowledge in an assortment of industries. We even enjoy visiting the restaurants of current and former lessees to see the exquisite choices in décor and taste the food that has made each of them so successful! To us, leasing isn’t just about doing business, it’s about creating opportunities and rapport with all of our clients.

June 3, 2015 – $64,000 Lease for Logging Truck and Trailer

Our newest lessee came to us requesting a new 2016 Log Chassis and Trailer. We began listening to their story, and were amazed to hear that this new equipment would increase their output from 20,000 feet to 100,000 feet per day. That’s 5X the production! Not only that, but it allowed them to ascend a hill that they would be unable to mount otherwise. However, we began looking over financials, and had a difficult time approving the transaction because they had accrued a large number of liabilities. We had the customer return to us with a more affordable 2004 Kenworth W900B truck and 1994 Alpine Log Trailer, and pledged a piece of equipment they already owned as collateral. We were ecstatic, and happily funded the deal even with a negative Retained Earnings on their Balance Sheet. Looking at the circumstances and opportunity produced by the equipment we lease, have always and will always play an enormous role in our decision making here at Leasefund. If we followed the usual strict guidelines, we would not have flexibility in our industry standards, nor would we be as customer-based. It’s transactions like these that remind us why we started this company to begin with.

May 4, 2015: Financed a $57,000 Kenworth T800

One of our valued, repeat lessee’s experienced a total loss to one of our leased trucks. The insurance provider approved to reimburse us the value that the truck was originally insured, however our lessee would be unable to find a quality replacement at the same dollar amount as his old Kenworth. So, we were willing to increase our funds by nearly twice the reimbursed amount, so that he had the ability to find a truck that would last far beyond his lease terms. We did this because we know that reliability and practicality are two of the key qualities in financing equipment, and we understand that there isn’t a way to “drive ¾ of a car”, that other lenders give as your only option. In fact, no bank would even consider giving their client an increase in capital, and would expect them to drive around a vehicle worth less than their original wrecked one! This is one of the many reasons people continue to choose us for their initial and endless leasing needs, because once you lease with us, you’ll understand why you’ll always be a part of the family.

April 24, 2015: Financed Church Sound System for $4,312

Leasefund has always been the company to help out their community, from small business owners to non-profits and everything in between. So when the owner of a large Non-Profit Church in Arizona was interested in purchasing new speakers and accessories, he knew that we were the ideal lessor. We were more than happy to get them the financing necessary, so that every attendee would have the opportunity to listen to their service with the utmost clarity. We hope this transaction, and others alike, will remind you that we are available for nearly everything, even the more “behind-the-scenes” equipment.

April 2, 2015: Financed Various Restaurant Equipment for $38,500

We had a lessee come to us from a couple cities away looking to expand his business. He currently owns a market that is doing very well, and has decided to open a deli next door. While we found him to be an ideal candidate for financing, it was difficult to overlook our usual policy of a minimum 3 months in business for any assumed business names. Luckily, because his current store was equipped with multiple refrigerators, freezers, and butchering equipment; he agreed to securing many of these items as additional collateral. Due to this supplementary security, we were able to fund him $38,500 for a customized overhead hood, as well as a variety of start-up items such as sinks, tables, a deli case, and more. This demonstrates that we believe in all of our clientele, and consistently proves that we can work through nearly any circumstance.

March 17, 2015: Leaseback of $40,000 for Additional Collateral

An Idaho Logging Company experienced damage to their equipment, at no fault of their own, and the accident was costing them hundreds of dollars a day. They were left waiting for the insurance company to sort out the paperwork before they could get any assistance. Luckily, the owner reached out to Leasefund for Working Capital, to ensure they would not get into a financial bind. Thanks to preventative planning and utilizing us as a resource, we exchanged $40,000 for their titled vehicles that were already on-hand. Now, the Logging Company can choose to use this Capital to cover expenses ranging from wages to damage repairs, while the claim is in process.