About LeaseFund

  • Formed in 1999, American Leasefund began with around $100,000 to lend to small businesses in Oregon. Today, Leasefund funds millions of dollars in equipment finance transactions annually throughout fourteen Western States. As generalists, we have no restrictions on equipment type or age, and have carved out a niche by providing access to affordable lease financing to industries conventionally excluded by banks and other lending sources.

    For years, American Leasefund was driven entirely by American Leasing & Financial, our in-house brokerage. In 2011, we began accepting broker business, and have quickly assembled a partner base of the most reputable syndicators in the industry. As a direct lender, Leasefund is trusted by many professionals as a consistent and no-nonsense funding source for their customers.

    We are constantly expanding our offerings for business owners, vendors, and brokers, anticipating that 2014 to be our most productive year yet. Currently, we offer both ‘Application Only’ and Full Financial Disclosure programs for transactions ranging in size from $5,000 to $150,000 for businesses with 3 months or more in operation.

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