“Equipment financing doesn’t have to be a challenge.”

It was this realization that brought our management team together back in 1999. Back then, the challenges were plentiful: if our customers didn’t fit into a static, unchanging lending philosophy, we couldn’t get them approved. Rather than learn to live with scoring models and lenders that held our customers hostage, we chose to adapt. American Leasefund is the tried and true product of that move forward.

By providing consistent service and principles, we’ve put together an array of programs unmatched in quality. With lease finance options for customers from nearly every industry, Leasefund is now poised to bring higher value than ever to the equipment financing world. We got to this point by adapting, and, as the market changes, we hope to further our commitment to our brokers, customers, and vendors by continuing to adapt and improve. At American, we truly believe that for every Equipment Financing challenge, there’s a Leasefund solution.